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Problems with Scrap Max 2 Need Help !!!

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    Hello, I tried to send you a pm but I got a message saying I was not logged in or did not have access to this page. Oh well, look like it's just not my day. Thanks anyway for the information. I have someone coming Sunday to help me with this . I can create a layout in scrapmax but I cannot use the kits shapes,etc.I have to use my embies from my documents folder. Hopefully somone will solve this problem. McAfee was no help whatsoever. Thank you and have a good evening.
    Judy Ware
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      Hello Judy,

      Disable the real time scanning and shut off the internet connection to make your pages.

      OR you can use this workaround if you don't want to disable the real time scanning:

      Use Scrapbook MAX as you are used to ie in using the "add" feature (menu) but enable the list view instead of the thumbnail view. Then open a window on your desktop with the thumbnail view of the same folder. So you can see the shape or the embie as well as its file name... so in the Scrapbook MAX you could find the file by its file name. Resize the Scrapbook MAX window so you can have a look on the window on your desktop.

      I do hope that my explanation is clear :-)

      It's what I do for the photos.

      In fact the "KISS COOL EFFECT" is only a problem for me with the photos and the shapes as I only use the drag and drop method for an easy reason. It's faster!!! Really!!!! I don't like very much the add feature... it's quite long :-)

      I'm going to PM you.

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        Originally posted by judifa View Post
        A representative from McAfee just called me back and did a scan. He said the problem was that I had a lot of Malware on my computer .............
        Hi There Judy Ware,
        There's your problem... you let your husband on the computer a lot!!!! LOL ... Isn't his name Mal? Mal Ware (malware) ... They said there was a lot of Mal Ware on there didnt they??
        Sorry!!! I couldn't resist that one!!
        Seriously It must be sooo frustrating for you.. and I hope you get it all sorted out real soon.. I am no good at things like this so not much help!


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          I am having the same problem!! VERY FRUSTRATING! And I can't seem to find any help either!


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            Only thing to do is to disable the realtime scanning... or to change your antivirus...

            - Sandrine
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              Will there ever be Scrapbook Max software for MAC?????


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                You seems to have the same problem as I have,but drag and drop are working perfectly to me,but when I then trying to put on text,the program very often close down and I lose my work.Very frustrating.I do hope Scrapbook Max`s team can jump in here and try to help.I have a new tread about this problem in this forum,but unfortunately my knowledge in English is not so good so maybe the support not understand what I mean.