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another problem with scrap max 2

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  • another problem with scrap max 2

    I am trying to delete some of the pages I created from scrap max, however when i hit delets a message comes up that say "The current page cannot be removed it is the only page all projects must have at least one page in them. I don't understand this as I only do one page at a time.
    Am I missing something here? How can I clean up scrap max pages if I cannot delete them and get them off the program? I thought if I could delete some of the pages it might help with the problem I am having with the program by making more room.
    This is quite flustrating.
    Thank you

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    Hi Judifa!

    Do you mean you are trying to delete a page while you are working in a project in the software? A project can't have less than one page so if there is only one you can't delete it. If you want to delete an entire project, you could go to My Documents > Scrapbook MAX! > Projects and delete the folder you want to delete there - but of course please be sure before doing so that you really want to delete it forever if you do this.

    Hope I've understood - if not let me know!


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      Hello, I am trying to delete pages that I have already made. As you know I am having a problem with my embies on Scrap Max and I thought by deleting these pages I would make more room. Can these pages be put on a DVD? I am at my wits end. Help! It may take someone with more computer savvy than I have to fix this problem.


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        It sounds to me like the problem you are describing may be related to a change made to your particular system (perhaps changes to anti virus software, new updates, or some other change that has been made recently). We are doing all we can to investigate the problem that is happening on a few systems, but so far we have not been able to replicate it, which is why we can't give a solution. I know that it must be frustrating for you. The trouble is,, this issue is only happening on a small number of systems despite tens of thousands of installs. We are trying to figure out what the commonality could be between the small number of systems with the issue, but since we can't see it for ourselves, it is really difficult to say.

        As for removing or copying projects, you can do this by going to My Documents > Scrapbook MAX! 2.0> Projects - you can copy those folders to a cd-r if you wish or delete them (but only do this if you want to remove them forever - if you delete them you cannot get them back. Delete with caution).

        I'm not sure that doing this (cleaning up the Projects folder) will actually help with the issue you are having. I suggest you try the drag and drop method in the meantime for adding content to your pages as a workaround. I've listed the steps in the other thread that you began:!!!
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          Hello, Thank you for your response. My anti-virus system is Mc Afee and it updates itself (adds the latest protection) I have nothing to do with this it is automatic. It has never interferred with the program before. If this is the problem how can I correct it?
          Thank you,
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            Hi Judifa,

            Thanks for the information - I'll pass that on to the developers as they look into this. I don't know if this is the issue, I just listed this as a possibility. Since I don't know if this is the cause, I can't tell you what to do at this point.

            As I gather as much info as possible, can you tell me:

            • What operating system are you using?
            • Are you up to date with all of your Windows updates?
            • Have you made any changes to your computer recently - updates to anti-virus software, run other updates, etc.?
            • What is the exact name of your anti-virus software program and if possible, the exact version number?
            • Are you running any anti-spyware programs?
            • What version of Scrapbook MAX! are you using (click on Help > About Scrapbook MAX! in the menu when you have Scrapbook MAX! open to find out)

            I'm not sure when or if we will be able to provide a solution since we have very little data at this point to go on. This problem is only happening on a small number of systems and the cause isn't apparent. I'm really sorry that you are experiencing the issue and can understand that it is frustrating.

            We will certainly let you know if we discover the issue and a solution. I would suggest using the drag and drop method as a workaround.

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              Hello, I am not sure what you mean by operating system . I have a Dell windows xp. I have McAfee Secure anti-virus plus which updates automatically and has never interferred before. I don't know if I have the latest updates for windows I assume my computer automatically does this. (?) I am using the latest version of Scrapbook Max 02. I still do not understand the drag and drop method.(?) How do you open up a folder where your scrapbook items are stored in "another window"? Please excuse my ignorance. Thank you for any help you can give.


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                Hi Judy!

                Thanks for this information. I will pass this on to our developers. Hopefully it will shed some light on what is happening on your computer.

                In the video tutorial called "Adding Embellishments to Scrapbooking Pages" we show drag and drop. The video can be found here - please take a look as I think you will find it helpful:


                Click play - the Drag and Drop method is demonstrated at about 4 minutes into this tutorial.


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                  Hello, Sorry to be such a bother but I cannot access my pictures. When I click on the photo Icon then click on my pictures the same folder comes up with about nine pics on it, then flashes off, stays off a few seconds, comes back on and has added on photo. This is a continuous motion. I have invested a considerable amount of money in this program and kits from Scrap Max. I wish there were a solution to this problem but I have about lost all hope. Even if there are just "a small number of systems." affected,it seems there is still a problem. I appreciate your efforts in trying to correct this.
                  Thank you,


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                    Hi Judy,

                    Yes - even though its a small number of systems we'll try our best to help. The number of systems really isn't the issue - it's our ability to troubleshoot because there is such a small number of systems, which means there is very little data to go off of (if it were a widespread problem, something much more obvious would be the cause). Hope that makes sense to you - and again, I'm sorry the problem is happening for you.

                    As for adding photos, you can actually use the drag and drop method for that, too as a workaround. Just open up your project, then open up the folder on your system where you keep your photos. Click on the photo you want to use, drag it onto your page, choose to add it as a Photo, and it will be on your page to work with.