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  • blinking problem

    I have been told by McAfee that the blinking problem is due to the real time scanning having detected some infections or malware in the Scrap Max program. I am only relaying what I have been told.
    Thanks to all for your helpfulness.

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    Thank you so much for keeping us up to date.


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      That is not at all correct - Scrapbook MAX! does not contain any viruses of malware.

      According to a small number of users, McAfee's real time scanning is interfering with the functioning of Scrapbook MAX! on their systems (causing a "blinking" effect when they select an embellishment or other object to add to their page). The "blinking" problem is not within Scrapbook MAX! and it is not happening for all users who are using McAfee.

      We have heard from less than a dozen users who are having this issue, while Scrapbook MAX! has had tens of thousands of installs without a reported problem.

      I am sorry if you are one of the users affected, but since it is not an issue with our software, we can not make any changes. The options are to disable the real time scanning, switch to another anti-virus program that works without issue on your system, or try using the "drag and drop" method which seems to work for the small group of users having the blinking problem.

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        Karin is 100% correct. Perhaps *you* have a virus on your computer, but it absolutely did not come from Scrapbook MAX!. There is zero chance of that. We are an extremely well respected company and Scrapbook MAX! is installed on tens of thousands of computers without incident.

        I'm very sorry that you are having trouble Judifa, and perhaps you do need to have your computer looked at - but please don't spread misinformation like that. It is not true.

        While we will continue to see if there is anything we can do about the 'blinking' you are experiencing, in the end it is McAfee that is causing the problem on your computer. It hooks into the Windows subsystem and changes it fundamentally. For some reason on a handful of systems only this shows up as a blinking of the file select dialogs. It would not be limited to Scrapbook MAX! either - you can do a Google search and see what other people think of McAfee's software. I do not know that we can ever fix this, as McAfee has caused it. Not us.

        At this point I would recommend you follow Karin's solutions. Another good choice would be to pick a different anti-virus program. Look online for reviews of what people think are etter, cheaper (even free) choices that won't have this problem like Microsoft's free antivirus product, AVG or many others.

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          I also just started having a problem with "blinking" when I open the extra folders in SBM. I thought it was because I moved some of these items into a different drive on my computer. Now that I think about it, it did start once I had a problem with McAfee. I will have to look into it. Thanks for the info.


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            My apologies to Scrapbook Max. The post was not intended as misinformation. As I stated, I am only relating what I was told by McAfee. That was not my opinion.
            I have already thought of switching to another anti-virus program. Thank you for your information and suggestions.
            Thank you and have a nice day.
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              Hey girls I have been using eset for a couple of years and have had not one problem. It's not advertised as the other are and i think you might be able to download a trail for free. Remember to fully uninstall one anti virus before you install another.
              Hope you can fix your problems and join us in the challenges soon.

              Edited to say I even have Scrapbook max now installed in Windows 8 and it works fantastic. I think it might be a little faster than in windows 7.


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                It's not an infection issue.

                McAfee detects no infection.

                So McAfee doesn't protect our PCs? :-)

                But according to McAfee our PCs would be infected... strange. Mine has been cleaned during a very long online session by a McAfee technician and I have the "blinking" effect.

                Nops. That's not the reason. However I would consider to change my antivirus when the subscription wil expire... I have Norton on other PCs and I had not so many issues than with McAfee.

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                  Sandrine you should give eset a try. you do not even now it's there.


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                    Thanks Wendy.

                    In fact it's my professional laptop... so if I switch I guess that I'm going to use Norton and extend the subscriptions to all the PCs. In the past I tried some other antivirus and they were the cause of so many issues.

                    Right now if it's an issue for using SBM, I deactivate the real time scanning and disconnect the PC to the network :-)

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                      I've had problems with norton causing my computers to be slow and not responsive. So I don't know what virus software is best at this time.


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                        From the moment the antivirus is running, it slows down the computer. It's normal. If it is not responsive, well you should check your configuration. The applications require more and more memory. First thing is to check if you don't have too many process running at the same time. Close the applications you don't need.

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