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Error stated when uploading templates

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  • Error stated when uploading templates

    I have had this problem numerous times and can't get it corrected. I am adding a page (template) and it comes up with some of the embellishments on it but many say "error loading".

    Using this Blog system is very difficult. Most titles say "Problem" and I don't have time to read through hundreds of blogs to maybe or maybe not find what I am looking for.

    I wish there was help resources like most other sites. You can get an answer from a tech specialist or call in.

    Please HELP!

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    Try emailing gracie[at]scrapbookmax[dot]com maybe she can help you or send it to someone who can. Sorry to here about your problem with the program.
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      Nannyree - can you tell me where you have your templates stored on your computer? Did you move them out of the default location they install to? Also, which version of Scrapbook MAX! are you using? (you can find the number by going to Help > About Scrapbook MAX! in the program), and do you know if your templates are .smt or .sm2t files (.sm2t files will only install into Scrapbook MAX! 2.0 - they won't work in earlier versions.)