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Commercial use of image from Scrapbook Max

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  • Commercial use of image from Scrapbook Max

    I have designed a new logo for my business. I designed it from Scrapbook Max's program and used one of their embellishments in my logo. The image comes from the Family Heritage Expansion pack (one of their shapes).

    I am a small, home-based business and sell my items on Etsy. I sell historic doll clothes for the 18" doll on Etsy. I would like to know how to get permission to use this graphic in my logo. I have searched this website and cannot find any clear answers as to how to obtain permission to use this image. Does anyone know whom I can contact or information concerning this subject?
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    You should contact directly SBM for this topics.

    If I'm right, the use is for a PERSONAL USE.

    Please check with Karin.
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      Thanks KapiColors! I have read the terms and conditions in the contract, and yes, it does state that it's for personal use which is why I want to know if there's a way to use one of their images for commercial use. I know I need permission but I don't know who to contact. I've already contacted Scrapbook Max via email but haven't heard anything yet.

      I should probably know this, but who is Karin?

      Thanks again,


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        Karin is the SBM contact. I believe that she's going to contact you if you've sent an email.

        Have a nice weekend.

        KapiScrap ScrapbookMAX store