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  • "Save as" question

    I am doing a genealogical scrapbook, and I want to save different pages in different locations under separate names. Usually, in other programs, when I use "Save as", a box to Browse opens, and I can select the location for the file. That doesn't seem to be the case with Scrapbook Max. How do I save the scrapbook in the file location I select?

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    save as image
    output filename.....the browse, then put it where you want


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      Thanks wench. (Such a delightful word, that is!). When you save it as an image, you get a .jpeg which is unalterable.

      I wanted to move the file to where I could continue to work on it. For what it is worth, here is what I found: Go to (Windows 7) C/Users/Your computer's name/Documents/Scrapbook Max/Projects. Copy the folder with the name of your scrapbook to the location you want, e.g. D/Genealogy/Person's name. You have to copy the whole folder because it contains all the objects you have used on your page. To open that scrapbook, just double click on the scrapbook folder in its new location; then click on the file .sbm, and you are set to go. It is a little awkward, but when you are going to create many scrapbooks, it works for me.
      Maybe there is another way of doing this?