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  • Applying a caption

    In the tutorial video on placing text, it shows a caption box in which you can select the size of the font for the caption. The caption box in my just purchased Scrapbook Max does not seem to have any way to select a font size for the caption. In otherwords, my caption box is not the same as the one in the tutorial?

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    In SBM you have the "T" it is like title text.... by pulling the corners you can make it what ever size you want.
    Next we have Ribbon Text, you can change the size with the arrow up or down box
    We also have Journal text, and you can change size there also.


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      Thanks Kim,

      Yes, I see how that works. If you want the same caption on a number of different pages, you have to have a good eye. But it does make for some interesting sizes and shapes of a caption.


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        If you want to use the Shape thing here is a Short Cut

        Click 1 time to select the item you want on another page. Do "Ctrl and C" then go to the page you want the item on and do "Ctrl and V" it will copy to the other page and in the same spot.

        Thats how I do it.... other here might use different ways. If I make a Cluster of items and want them all on another page I will Group them and then do the step above.


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          Hi there!

          Just wanted to add that the Journal Text object lets you select the font size - so you could use that if you wish, even if you are wanting to add a caption and not a fuller "journal entry".


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            Thanks to both of you. This is a fun program!