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Where did the downloads I bought go?

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  • Where did the downloads I bought go?

    So I ordered four downloads of frames. Two of them showed up in embellishments (good); one showed up in backgrounds (I didn't realize I was ordering a background!), and the fourth one: FST-1X Frame Shapers I can't find. Anyone know where in the program it should show up? Thanks to all of you for helping this newbe.

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    By the name, did you look in the Shapes????
    Look here:
    Documents - SBM - Gallery - Images - Shapes (or open any of them folders and look for FST files)


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      Thanks, Kim. I did find the folder and moved it into the Embellishment folder, so now it opens there. By the way, what is a frame shaper?


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        To use Shapes in Scrapbook MAX!, you add a Photo or Paper Scrap to a page, and on the Properties box choose Change Shape > Custom Shape - this opens the shapes gallery. When you select the shape, it adds it to your photo or scrap (kind of like a cookie cutter).

        When you download and then import a Shapes kits purchased in our store into Scrapbook MAX!, it sends the shapes to the shapes gallery, which you access with the steps above.

        There is a video tutorial demonstrating how to add shapes found on this page:

        Scroll down the page a bit and look for a video called "Working With Shapes in Scrapbook MAX!"

        Hope that helps!


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          Wow, that is great Karin. Thanks so much.