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Adding new kits to trial version

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  • Adding new kits to trial version


    Is it possible to buy and download a new ScrapbookMax kit into the trial version, or is the full version necessary to add kits?

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    I do not know if you can add kits to the trial version. I think you can use the drag and drop method. If you have a kit stored in your computer you can pick the objects, paper ect. that you would like to use and drag it onto your page.

    It has been a very long time since I have used the trial version so I can not remember the limitations. I think the only difference is the watermark when published.

    Hope this helps.


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      Thanks for replying

      I have a friend who wants to start with the trial version and there's a kit in the Scrapbook Max store she wants to use. If she buys the kit, I'm wondering if she'll be able to use it with the trial version. I guess she may have to test it out for herself.


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        The kit she buys should be stored in my documents. It would be:
        My documents-scrapbook max 2.0
        I hope that helps out some.

        This is also the file that you also what to save on an external hard drive occasionally so you don't loose your stuff.


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          I'd like to know if the kit will download into the trial version to be available for use, or can she go to the folder where it's saved in the documents/ScrapbookMax and open that and drag in what she wants to use? Does anyone know if Scrapbook Max has a phone no. or e-mail to reach someone who would know?
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            Hi Heather,
            Sorry it took a couple of days to reply. You can email [email protected](dot)com

            If she is not able to answer your questions I am sure she will put you in touch with someone who can.


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