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    I purchased scrapbookmax many years ago and have been using it faithfully ever since and have recommended dozens of my friends to it. We love sharing our creations back and forth... but recently, I noticed I have version while my friend upgraded to version 2.0. When I check for newer versions, it checks and then says I currently have the latest version. I know that I don't. Is there any way I can upgrade to version 2.0?

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    Version 2 is a New Program. I had SBM 1, but upgraded by buying the new version. It has several different items added. You can D/L the SBM2 trial and then upgrade it to the Full program, but not SBM 1 to SBM 2, as far as I know.


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      So you paid the full price for the new program like you never owned version 1? Were you happy you did that? Did you feel like the improvements to version 2 were worth it? What kinds of things are different? THANKS!


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        Oh, also... can you still open your sbm1 files in sbm2 if you want to make changes to them?


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          Hi Val!

          Yes - you can use your current projects in Scrapbook MAX! 2.0.

          Here is a link to a page with all the new features listed:

          Some of the new features and highlights that our users really love include:

          - an eraser for "extractions"
          - fancy text: bend, stretch, fill text with patterns and colors, etc.
          - advanced colorization tools to colorize photos and embies
          - a color-picker tool

          And as you'll see on the features pages, there are tons more new features and improvements. Have you downloaded the trial version to play around with the new features?

          If not, you can do so here:

          Hope that helps!