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Creating My Own Papers or backgrounds

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  • Creating My Own Papers or backgrounds

    Is it possible for me if using Scrapbook Maxi to be able to create my own background papers; from either photos or graphics that I have on my computer?

    I want to purchase maxi today but need to know the answers to my questions first.

    Do you find Maxi easy to use as a new beginner to digital scrapbooking?

    If you have been at Digital Scrapbooking for awhile now and are enjoying Maxi; have you found it necessary to go on to a more advanced programme/software; or has this met all of your nees and expectations?

    Can I use my own templates and scrapbook kits re embellisments as well as fonts from my own font files?

    Some one told me that there is a trademark on everything you do in the trial software; is this also true in the purchased software?
    I would much rather add my own to all of my pages than one of yours?

    Are there online tutorials for Scrapbook Maxi?

    Can I do 8.5x11 pages as well as 12x12's?

    Thanks so much for ansering all of my questions.
    If there is any more tips or ideas you can share for me to be able to make this important decison; I would appreaciate hearing them all.

    Need several people to reply ASAP

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    I have been using SBM since 2007 and I love it. You can create your own stuff in SBM. Once you make something you just save it in your file.

    It is the easiest program I found when looking and I tried several. You can create any size page you want, just choose custom and in put the size you want.

    You can use any embellishments you want or pictures as papers, and font files.

    I Give you a all thumbs up, I know I don't even use all the features this program has

    The challenges that Kaye, Kapi, and Carena do, help us learn some of the different features the program offers. Join in and have fun.