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Converting to 8.5 x 11?

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  • Converting to 8.5 x 11?

    I've been visiting my local scrapbooking store and noticing a return to the 8.5x11 format! There are now more albums for that size and lots of books written by some of the scrapbooking gurus that use 8.5x11 layouts! I've been a "square" for so many years I have a question - since most (all?) of our templates are designed for 12x12 how do we convert them to 8.5x11?

    Any help will be so appreciated!! Thanks in advance!

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    When doing my digital albums I only use 8.5x11 for ease of printing. Go to page settings, select size, and use the drop down arrow for presets, select 8.5x11 (tall), It will ask you if you what Scrapbook Max to adjust size. Select yes, or OK (can't remember) and it will change the page size.

    I was wanting to ask someone why the preferred size seems to be 8x8 or 12x12. When doing traditional albums I use 12x12. How do you print 12x12? Do you have a special printer?



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      Exclusive 11 x 8 1/2 here

      I have been using this size since the beginning BUT I do all mine in the landscape view 11 inches wide and 8 1/2 inches in length. I love using this size! It's perfect for my preference.


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        12 x12 Printing

        I have always made my pages 12x12 when I get ready to print I open the LO with the Windows Printer and Fax Viewer, then I click on the little printer and it brings up the Photo Printing Wizard..just follow the directions and when you get to the
        size you want to print chose the fax will print your LO in the middle of the page and you only have to trim down each side and will give you the whole LO printer prints borderless and I choose this setting when the printing options box opens this is also where I chose the type of photo paper I am using..I tried every printing program I had when I first started and could never get the 12x12 size to completely print but this program works great and its included in windows xp. Hope this information is helpful.
        I always use the portrait setting.. I might need to say the finished print won't be 12x12but a nice size square print which fits great in the middle of the page when you put it in your actual SB...
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          If your wanting a 12x12 print, you can either order your prints from a printing company, or you will have to get a printer that will print that large. Most printers only print standard paper size or business letter size with the width at only 8 1/2. For this reason, I like printing 8x8 square pages. It saves on ink and I found great reasonably priced scrapbook albums at walmart just for this size, with additional pages you can add. Its all about the convenience for me, print at home, get instant gratification.
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            Thanks, for all the great advice! It is so interesting hearing how everyone does their thing. TS


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              Thank U!

              Thank you all for your responses! It's a new adventure for me not to be a "square"! I've been doing 8x8 since I got SBM so I can print it at home. Before that I did 12x12 all the time. I love that 8.5x11 can be printed on my home printer, also, so will get used to a rectangular layout!

              Thanks again!


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                Thanks for this idea, I live in New Zealand which is a small county, I haven't been able to find a lab that will print 12*12 or a buy a printer for it so this is an ideal solution. We don't use letter size we use a metric version called A4 which is shorter but still 21cm (just over 8 inches) across so this should still work for me.