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Where are my albums?

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  • Where are my albums?

    Having been here since Jan 2006 I have accumulated a LOT of albums, even all my store designs over the years, but I can't find them?? I dont go to my albums section very often so maybe I forgot how to get there ???// I clicked "community" then "albums" in the drop down menu...but there are only 2 templates there and there should be hundred and hundreds?? Have I lost them or lost my marbles LOL... has anyone else lost all their saved albums?

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    Do you mean in the gallery? There is a button - my pictures - and then next to it there is a button - my albums. Not sure if that is what you meant, but mine are there.


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      I saw some marbles at Munno Parra shopping center Deanne, were they yours???


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        Thanks Marion....
        and Kaye??? What on earth were YOU doing at Munno Para 5 mins from my house and you didnt call in to see me??? Youre in deep trouble girl!
        .. and yes they very well could have been MY Marbles... did you pick them up?


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          No I didn't pick them up!! I didn't know whose marbles they were!

          Yes we are here...things have changed a little, our plans...