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Alignment tool stopped working properly...hum.

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  • Alignment tool stopped working properly...hum.

    I tried using my alignment tool as I've done in the pass but discovered that I could now only do a click on two more to align..and when I go off to side of template and right click for options it no longer displays the paste, copy..etc but rather the zoom menu...

    I have to go to toolbar to get pasting done..

    I uninstalled then reinstalled SBM..still same problem
    Changed my keyboard and mouse..still same problem

    I did upgrade to PaintShop Pro x5 but didn't notice that problem until a week or so later in Max..Could be some kind of conflict with the programs?

    Scratching my head..LOVE to use that alignment it possible I wore it out? LOL

    Couldn't find any other posts showing this problem..guess I'm special!

    Any suggestions would be appreciated.

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    Ah...did another uninstall and reinstall with SBM...but this time..I did not UPDATE and the program alignment was working wonderfully!!!! Then I upgraded to the 2.07 patch..and the problem of alignment started how important is the upgrade? I'm going to reinstall and skip the patch..

    I've got 64 bit Windows 7 there another patch?



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      Good to "see you" around again - welcome back!

      I've not heard of this problem before (with the alignment tools) - can you send me an email to remind me of you current email address and I can arrange to send you new download instructions - perhaps downloading and installing again will help!

      Also, the issue you mentioned about right-clicking off the page and getting the Zoom, etc. menu is in fact how the tools work - you can only call up the Copy/Paste etc. menu by right-clicking within the design space. However, you should be able to select more than one object at a time.

      Can you tell me what kind of objects you are trying to select (i.e. are they Embellishments, Paper scraps, photos, etc. ). Also, are you holding down "shift" or "control" when selecting them? Thanks!


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        This problem only occurs with the patch of the 2.07 upgrade..Usually able to right click on the page and get menu paste/copy but then started having to go OFF the page to get it but then it totally just did the zoom menu no matter what I did...The pictures were bleeding onto the page as well leaving leftovers from original spot I put them..but doing a SAVE..always cleared things up..

        I'm using Windows 7, 64 bit...

        The objects are usually pictures I'm trying to align or shapes/embellishments...

        It's working beautifully at the 2.0 version..unfortunately I can't seem to use the 2.07..urgh! I've cleaned my registry, cleared memory, uninstalled, reinstalled..oh foo, foo! just can't get it to work with the patch..This is a low end computer compared to my maybe graphics card is not up to the challenge of my scrapbooking fun!! LOL

        Will send you email that is current..which is my old one as well..Since this was a STARTER to the wonderful series..but at least I'll have this current to go back to if the new one you send doesn't work!

        So glad I can at least get it to work with the 2.0 version! Of course, I could have a nasty buggar in my system as well..but ran scans that cleared anything that came up..scared to try the patch again!

        Many thanks!