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Purchased Exp. pack via email...DL aborted???

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  • Purchased Exp. pack via email...DL aborted???

    I got an email to purchase a Pets Expansion pack for $ I bought it. After downloading it wants to "reinstall" because it says it couldnt find the full version so therefore the download was aborted and the expansion pack was not imported into my SBM program. Since it was a purchase, I looked under my "completed orders" and its not there either. Starting to get tired of all this uninstalling and reinstalling. Ive spent nearly $100 this week alone trying to build up my kits library...Any ideas??

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    Ive uninstalled and reinstalled 3 times now and no change. Im done buying expansion pks. TOTAL RIPOFF! This site sure has changed since I was here a few years ago. I guess Im gonna eat this $14.95.


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      .dll are tricky buggers

      This problem you seem to be having isn't SBM related..You may have same problem I had for my computer just had a illness or something.. my .dll files were acting up...Ran CC cleaner and it fixed the problem finally..The dll files are real trouble makers especially when shared with my PSP and PS program..

      Try more reinstall stuff..that won't fix it.. virus scan if you haven't run one for awhile either wouldn't hurt..

      SBM is really great to work with..fortunate for me..they issued me a fresh download and that fixed my problems with SBM running funny. Your program may be conflicting with something or was corrupted to begin with..SBM will no doubt issue you a fresh copy too.

      Hopefully that will fix the problem! After many headaches..that worked for me in the end..all of the above!! My virus program did pick up a weird bug..and CC fixed the mess it made and Max fixed my program that was corrupted for some time by the bug!
      I was switching computers from old to new then back to old..never found the source over all..bummer. Just glad my SBM is happy again!

      I'm praying for you!! Totally understand the headaches!


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        Hi MarshaLynn,

        I'm sorry to hear you had trouble with the download. Please send me an email at support [at] scrapbookmax [dot] com - I'd be happy to help and send you a new link to get your pack! Please be sure to include your order number so I can help as quick as possible.

        So you know, the reason that you wouldn't see the Expansion Pack in your store account is that our software and expansion packs are sold through a different system than our kits and templates (only individual kits and templates will appear in your store account).

        Hope that helps - please be in touch!



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          Thanks anyways Karin, but I already received a refund for that package. Sorry!


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            Thanks for the update, MarshaLynn. If you ever have any issues with a download in the future, please get in touch with us at support [at] scrapbookmax [dot] com. We'd be happy to help!

            Have a good day!