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  • flashing blinkies

    Not to offend anyone here, but the flashing blinkies really slow down my computer when my pages are loading, so if it does this to you too, just go to general settings in your profile and untick show signatures and you wont get them, easy fixed

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    That's a first. How did you come to the conclusion it was somehow "blinkies' causing your upload problem? Blinkies have been a ongoing thing on Max for 5 years or better. Signatures in general..maybe..but to pick on blinkies?


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      They make your page load slower, I'm not saying it affects everyone, I guess it depends on your internet, and where you are....I was just trying to help those who it does affect.


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        I have been having upload issues for a while, even before I got the extra blinkies.

        I think it depends on the times we try to upload/download, the internet server/service, and peak traffic times. All my blinkies are a link from photo bucket like my siggies, they are not connected to SBM to slow the upload/downloads.

        No Offense taken, but I really think there are other issues causing the upload/download issues.


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          As Kimmyann could very well be "other" issues. I emailed Karin to see if that truly could affect someone's uploads to have several blinkies..

          Regardless, since this is an issue for you..I will take some of the blinkies off. I loaded them to give examples to folks of what kind of blinkies I could make for them.. The purpose is to make blinkies for anyone that wants one. I would be happy to make "blinkies" for folks again..that is what I used to do. But, you have an issue with blinkies thinking they cause upload issues..we shall see if it helps you.

          The real problem is more likely the large pictures folks upload ahead of you in the thread..blinkies are VERY low in the kb compared to those. Perhaps folks might be able to make there pages a little smaller?

          You aren't alone in computer issues period..lots of problems these days.


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            AW, there is no need to remove your blinkies, I have that a word lol ...signatures

            I agree the size of pictures would probably make the most difference, in fact any husband just told me that they all get downloaded as you load a page, once the page is loaded there is no uploading going on...It is probably just my internet.


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              I took the blinkies off that were the ones encouraging folks to sign up for a blinkie and giving some examples of what I can do for them..going to go try putting them into the Blinkie thread in Embellishments instead.

              At least you all know that if you want a blinkie made for you...I'm available to make one for you.

              They can sign up for a blinkie at that thread anytime. So no more attacks on my blinkies.