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  • Paper missing

    Hello is there anyone else here who have bought kit where there in the Product Description says paper is included but when you download the file/kit the paper is missing? I recently bought kit for US $ 57,23 where most of the kit had paper included in the pack,but when I downloaded it there was only two files with the same elements...double up.I was quite disappointed about this.And by the way I could not find all the kit in Scrapbook Max folder in (My computer) when I had downloaded it.It was extracted automatic but not all the ellements pack show up.I think this is the last time I will buy kit from SBM shop.I feel me "cheated"

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    Howdy Pelle!

    Very sad to hear of your difficulties with a pack purchase from the store..but happily, if you contact the administrator of the site..Karin..going through your email account here on Max (go to Notifications on top of the screen and select inbox) she can help you receive another link or check the problem out for you!

    Sometimes links get corrupted. Hopefully, that is the problem and nothing else!

    Check out the freebie sections of Templates 2.0 and 1.0 and also Embellishments where we have wonderful free kits and items to pick up!

    Karin is very good at responding to problems!

    You are also able to get a refund too!

    Hugs to you!


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      Thanks Donna for taking your time to answer me and for explain things for me as well.However I have gone through the kit in ScrapbookMax folders now and there are in fact 5 kit pack missing as well.I find it very strange because I received downloads link to all the kit and downloaded as well.I have no idea where on my computer they might be.Have also sent Gracia Madsen a mail with a copy of all the kit I bought so I hope to hear from her within a few days.Best regards Per-Arne Larsen


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        Hello Pelle!

        I have responded to your email and hope the info helps.

        For anyone else trying to locate papers, designers tend to categorize papers in one of two ways, as Paper Scraps or Background Papers (sometimes scrappers only look under Embellishments, but there are other categories where item import to).

        First, I suggest looking under Object > Paper Scraps

        If the items aren't there, then go to Page Settings. Choose Background Image and Select. This will take you to the Backgrounds gallery.

        Hope that is helpful!


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          Hello Karin and Donna,I am pleased to say I have found the missing kit and papers now,but so funny they are located in my documents,..not in the software folders on "my computer".....Very confusing to me.It means I have to drag and drop the ellements/papers when I want to use it,but it is ok.Or can I copy and past it over to the same folder in ScrapbookMax "program folders on my computer" so I can have it all in one places? Hope you understand my question,my english is not of the best.Sorry.


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            Good news! Glad to hear you found your papers pelle!

            If they are located in your my documents section under SBM 2.0 don't have to do anything but open from the program under your respective Paper Scraps and Embellishment buttons. No need to copy and paste.

            Backgrounds you can access simply by double clicking on the blank template and check the image box under BACKGROUNDS as well as going to Page on toolbar and going to access the backgrounds.

            As Karin has already mentioned these things..another thing to realize...the BROWSE button in all the above buttons..usually located to bottom left of screen when you open embellishments, etc..You can then import any item on your computer as an embellishment, paper scrap, background, picture.. Love that!

            HaPpY Day!