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  • Help with Stacked Backgrounds

    I knew if I thought long enough I would come up with another question.
    I am still very very new to SBM and I have been trying to figure out how to stack background pages. To help make it clear, here is what I've been trying to do:

    Lay down my background paper. Then, I want to choose another of the background papers and I want to crop it and lay it on top of my background paper that I just layed down. I honestly thought maybe it couldn't be done because I tried it so many times and I can't get it to work. I gave up, thinking it couldn't be done but then I see some beautiful creations that you ladies have made and it is using multiple papers from the background pages in the kits. So, please forgive my ignorance but I could use some more help.

    Thank you once again

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    You can only have one background at a time (if you bring in the image as a Background, as it sound like you've done).

    However, you can bring in images from the Background Gallery as an Embellishment - that would allow you to stack them. So you can choose one Background as you've been doing. Then, you can go to Object > Embellishment, then choose the browse button and browse to the Background folder from there and choose your image - this will bring it in as an embellishment which you can resize, stack, rearrange, etc. You can do this as many times as you want with as many "backgrounds" as you want.

    Alternatively, you don't even have to add the first one as a static background- just bring them all in as Embellishments.

    If you don't want to browse for your images, you can also simply open up your scrapbook project, and in another window, open up the folder where you keep your background papers. You can drag and drop the images you want to use on your page (just be sure to bring them in as embellishments if you want to stack them). Hope that helps!



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      Another thing you can do

      Bring a new BG as a Image and then you can add a Shapes to it (Kimmyann Loves Shapes)

      Click Image (picture icon) browse to where the background papers are or open the folder where your backgrounds are and drag then click as image

      to use shapes double click the paper you brought in, when box opens check the shapes and then browse and find a shape you like. Add a little shadow and Poof!! Its Beautiful

      if you want to use the same image or embellishment over and over - click item 1 time then hold Ctrl and hit c and then v (Like word) I use it a lot!! (Note if you have several pages in your book and you want to use an item from one page to another, Click it 1 time Ctrl - C then go back to the page you want that item on and hit V.... Magic!! I love that trick (some times I even group several items then copy and paste to other pages)

      WOW!! Can you tell I LOVE the SBM program

      Welcome Dear!!! We are all Here to help.... Keep asking Questions, someone will help you and share tricks.... Just hope I haven't over loaded you