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    I bought a new laptop recently. I no longer have my SM disc as someone I let borrow it, broke it. Anyway, I called Cleverbridge (or whatever their name is) and got a link to redownload the program. I did that but multiple things are wrong with it:

    1.) a bunch of the custom shapes are now missing
    2.) some of my favorite fonts are gone
    3.) the option to change a page to a different color by clicking on another object with the color that you want sid object doesn't work. It just makes everything white to greyish white.

    Thee may be other things, but those above are the only things I've discovered so far. BTW, my new laptop is running Windows 8.

    Anyone have any ideas what is going on? I HATE that SM doesn't provide a call in number but makes you do an online submission. I love the program, but don't like that kind of customer service.

    Any insight is appreciated. Thanks!


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    Question for ya: Is this version 1 or 2?

    Have you tried uninstalling and reinstall? Sometimes that helps

    Also, Where did you install to? Program x86 or programs? It might have a communication issue..

    And lastly, have you looked at the location on your hard drive to see if the shapes are in the SBM2.0 >Gallery>Images>Shapes

    Sorry you are having these troubles..with more information we can all pitch in to help you resolve your difficulties!
    We will figure this out!

    Report back please!


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      Thanks Donna!

      I have version 2 and it is downloading to that x86 you mentioned. I've tried uninstalling and reinstalling multiple times and am doing it again as I type this. I've been working with Gracie and have solved the missing shapes issue. I didn't have the Life Is Beautiful part of the program downloaded. However, even after doing that I'm missing one of my favorite fonts, Grilled Cheese. There may be others too but I'm not noticing them as I don't use them as frequently as I did Grilled Cheese.

      As far as colorizing, it still isn't working. Neither the font colorizing using the ink dropper or the colorizing by clicking on an object of a different color and thus changing my original object to the color of the other object I clicked on. I KNOW I am doing it correctly because I can still get on my old laptop and it works just fine. Just not on my new one.

      I love this program but may have to find another one if I can't fix this issue. I sure don't want to though! Thanks for any advice, suggestions that anyone can offer me.



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        You can maybe go to Dafonts and down load the grilled cheese again.

        I feel sure there is only a small glitch, somewhere. Don't give up


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          Hi Amy!

          'Grilled Cheese' is actually not a font that comes with Scrapbook MAX!. It sounds as though you may have had this font on your old computer and could access it through our text features - however, it is not something that comes with Scrapbook MAX!.

          Scrapbook MAX! is compatible with Windows 8 (lots of our customers have it on their computers and have not had issues with Scrapbook MAX!). It sounds as though perhaps uninstalling/reinstalling is something to try. We've been communicating through email, too - I will send you a new link right away so that you can try this.


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            Thanks Karin. Yes, Grilled Cheese font was on my old laptop. I didn't realize it wasn't part of SM.

            Well, I just got off the phone with an HP tech person and after an hour and a half, we were unable t solve my issue. I did realize this laptop is running Windows 8.1 which is different than 8.0 (which I thought I was running) so I wonder if it is a compatibility issue with 8.1. Anyone running on 8.1 and still able to use the colorization tool or does anyone know if SM is Windows 8.1 compatible?

            Thanks for your help here and via e-mail. I really do appreciate it. Y'all have been very helpful in my quest to get this program working correctly on my new laptop. I just don't think it is going to though. After much help with an HP rep tonight, I'm really beginning to think it is a Windows 8.1 compatibility issue.


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              It should run just fine under windows 8.1. Mine does.


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                Hi Amy - have you tried uninstalling Scrapbook MAX! and then reinstalling? It's possible that the download or install didn't complete properly. Maybe uninstalling/reinstalling will help.


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                  Yes, Karin. I have. Probably 6 to 8 times now. I've tried with the links Cleverbridge gave me and the links you gave me. I even tried to do a trial and download that and still the colorization feature doesn't work. I'm just at a loss here. After 1 1/2 hours on the phone with HP (the maker of my laptop), they couldn't find anything wrong with the laptop that would cause the problem so they are sure it is the program. However, if others are running it on 8.1 and the colorization feature is working fine for them, then it has to be the laptop. I'm at a catch 22 here between SM and HP.

                  Marion or anyone else running 8.1---have you tried to colorization feature and it works fine? The whole program works fine except for that feature and that is a HUGE reason I love this program.

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                    We'll, I guess I finally convinced HP that it was a computer problem and not a software problem because they've agreed to take the computer back even though I past the deadline to return it. Now, I have to decide if I'm gonna order another one just like it and see if SM works on it or if I'll just get something completely different. I always wanted a Mac but SM kept me from that. Any chance there will be a Mac version of SM?

                    Thanks again for everyone's help!



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                      I am running SMB on a Mac. SBM was the reason I held off so long before getting my Mac. But I found out you can run any window program if you install a program called Parallels and then install a builder version of Windows 8. There is a bit of a learning curve, but you catch on real fast. So don't let that stop you.


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                        Thanks Marion. You've really got me intrigued now. I've been researching what you told me and it looks like I have an easier workaround and wanted to run it by you. I already have SM on my desktop pc. If I leave it there, then don't I only need parallell? From the way it looks to me, I would share my Windows desktop with my Mac via Parallel and then I'd have SM access that way. Then, I wouldn't have to purchase a builder version of Windows 8. Do you know if I'm thinking correctly?

                        I'm so glad you posted this. I'm thrilled at the thought of having a MAC and still having my favorite scrapbooking program too.


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                          I am really not sure. Are you wanting to run your windows pc through a network? Parallel allows you to run all your windows programs through your Mac in a separate window and you you can drag and drop directly from your pc to your mac. When I researched it, I needed to install a clean windows program and it had to be the builders program in order for it to work. There may be other ways and your way may work, but I really don't know for sure. Let me know if it works