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Help!!! Can't get new kits to download

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  • Help!!! Can't get new kits to download

    Hello everyone.

    I have just bought my second round of SBM kits. As a matter of fact I just bought eight kits. Problem is that three kits will not fully download. They are about 65-72MB each. The ones that wont fully download that is. I got one of them all the way to 72MB before is stated that it was interrupted. The size of this particular kit was 72.30MB. I am downloading them one at a time since I tried to download several at a time and they all were interrupted. On some of my new kits I only have 4 attempts left to get them to download. I could really use the help.

    Keep in mind I am not a computer wiz so simple English would be helpful. Please, I am really beyond frustrated at this point.

    Thank you so much for your help.

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    Do you know how to clear your CACHE? That helps me with large downloads..but the internet has been pretty funny lately and doesn't let you download large files easily anymore..

    Give it a rest for a few minutes...clear cache...I use CCleaner to do it ...and then try again.. It may have nothing to do with your end..just an internet problem.. or high traffic time of day...

    Hope that helps!


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      No Luck

      Well, I have cleared my cache and I have rebooted my computer. No Luck.

      These downloads stop at almost the very last second left on the download. All of my other kits that were 55MB or less have downloaded with no problem. It's only these two larger ones.

      I can't just keep trying over and over because now on one of them I'm down to only 3 attempts left.

      Does SBM not have any live body support for technical problems? I'm new to SBM and I have looked and can find nothing. I am really worried about this at this point and I don't want to loose the money I have spent on these kits.

      Where do I go from this point?

      Thank you


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        This is a similar problem I had a few months ago with downloading files and uploading files to Max that were more than 20 MB...try changing browsers since clearing cache didn't work..

        Changing browsers from Explorer to Chrome or Firefox works..Sorry you are having so much trouble!

        Good luck!


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          Downloading Complete!!

          I have NO idea what happened but I was on my last download for one of my kits, and I just walked away hoping that it would work this time. Came back to my computer and they had both miraculously downloaded. Call me crazy but it happened. Soooo glad it did.

          Thank you for you advice.



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