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Rounding edges of paper

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  • Rounding edges of paper

    Ok, remember I told you guys that I was going to have a TON of questions????
    Well, here is another one. I honestly am trying to figure this out on my own before posting. I can't seem to find any videos that help and I've looked all through the user guide and no help there either. Maybe I just don't see it.

    Anyway, I am trying to take a sheet of green paper and round the top half to create sort of a mound of grass. Actually I would like to make it a little irregular so that it looks more like little hills. Is this possible to do with SBM?

    Thank you again. I will really be glad when I learn how to use this because I see some really cute things out there. I'm mostly using this for cards not for actual scrapbooking pages.


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    You would have to use SBM Version 2 and use the eraser feature to remove the area's you don't want, or if there is a shape that fits your purpose - you could use that. In any case the paper would need to be brought in as a embellishment rather than a background paper.
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      Or use a CUSTOM SHAPE that will do that for you...and they call them Paper Edgers may have to be turned after you punch the shape to align to top..but shapes skew very well..and using a background paper requires you to bring in through Paper Scraps to use the CUSTOM SHAPES..


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        Or Bring it in as an Image and Add a Shape then skew the shape to fit what you want (Sometimes when you bring a BG in as a paper scrap it will distort the paper)

        Bring Your green BG in as Image, Click custom shape, search for a circle or an oval double click the shape when you find it. Now click ok.

        Once on your page move the side in or out and make your hills if you don't add a shadow, the hills will blend together like grass

        Hope this helps


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          Thanks you guys.