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  • Where's all the stuff

    I bought this package the other day and there were supposed to be hundreds of various things, including embellishments, backgrounds and most importantly borders for pictures. There do seem to be quite a few embellishments, but there are only a dozen or so backgrounds and I can't seem to find any picture frames at all. There certainly isn't enough here to justify a $30 purchase. Is there something else I am supposed to download to add to the program, or am I just missing it somewhere. I do A LOT of scrapbooking and if this is all there is, I may as well just keep using the photo machines at Walmart and Walgreen's like I've been doing. If someone could please help me I would really appreciate it, or I'm going to simply have to ask for my money back.

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    Did you look in paper scrap or shapes? Maybe the frames are shapes so you can make the frames match the kit you are using?


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      When you got the program and downloaded it, there should have been a 2nd link in your email that installs the rest of the content. Go back to your email and look for another link. Let me know if you find it.