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    Well now I need to know if there is a limited to the number of pages that you can have in a scrapebook and publish to a movie.

    I published a scrapbook that has 20 pages so far and wanted to see how the movie works.

    But It only played 10 of the pages.

    Thanks Crafty Granny

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    The trial version is limited to 10 pages, but the full version can handle a couple hundred pages. I just published a 50 page scrapbook to video.

    Assuming you are not using the trial version, to test this out, start a brand new scrapbook. Put something simple on each page, like a caption that says 1, 2, 3 etc. Do 11 pages and choose File > Publish To > Video. Does that work?
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      Good idea... I also didn't realize there was a page limit on the trial version...
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        Well that worked. Then I added more pages from the templates and added music and have tested all the way to 18 pages so far. And it works so far.

        So I have no ideal why the other one did not work.

        Thanks to everyone's help.

        Be back if have any other questions or problems.

        Crafty Granny


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          Yay! Glad to hear it's working...
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