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  • Question about shapes

    Honestly, I want you to know that I am reading the SBM Guide to find answers to some of my questions but these last few questions I have asked are not in the guide. I sometimes wonder if I'm ever going to figure this program out.

    Here goes:

    I am trying to take a background sheet of stationary and turn it into a circle. I looked through the SBM guide and it told me to go to the "Paper Scrap" page and choose my stationary then choose "custom shape". Ok, I did this but the print that's on my paper is enlarged to where you don't get the full print to show up. If there are flowers on the paper they become so large that you just don't see the stationary as it should be.
    What am I doing wrong?

    Hope I made that question clear enough.

    Thank you again for helping me with this program.

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    Ok a question to understand what your asking:

    Are you wanting the project to be a circle?
    if so, leave the background mat white. I would do it this way - I would click on the insert picture icon at the top, find the background in what ever file its in. Once you find it double click the BG next check the tick box to apply shapes, find the shape you want, double click it. Now place it and make it as large as you need. finish your layout like you want it to look. When you print it you will have to cut your circle out.

    Paper scraps will only show a portion of a BG paper, but if you do it as an picture, the whole paper will show. and you can then enlarge.

    I hope this helps you.


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      Hi fairy godmother, yes as Kimmy says use the paper as a picture and then you will get the right size print. The only problem, and this is only a problem if you are saving the page as a template in max to use again, the paper won't show up, it becomes like a photo and says click here to add a photo. So what I am saying is that you won't get the print in a template, just a grey colour. This actually frustrates me, because if I want to use a BG paper as a embellishment and shape it, I can't, because you cannot make a shape when you click on embellishment.


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        You guys are just wonderful!!! It worked PERFECTLY!!!!
        One of these days I will get when to go into a "photograph" and when to go into a "scrap paper".

        Eventually I will get the difference between this program and Heritage Makers program.


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          Hello - glad this all worked out, Fairy Godmother with your shapes and images. (And thanks as always to our helpful scrappers who are great about jumping right in)

          I just wanted to respond to Kaye's comment about templates:

          The only problem, and this is only a problem if you are saving the page as a template in max to use again, the paper won't show up, it becomes like a photo and says click here to add a photo.
          When you choose Export Template, you actually have the option to uncheck 'Remove Photos', which will leave the photos in place. (that's a way to get around having the grey placeholder boxes replacing the photos). The photos will still be there when you have created and then reopen the template.


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            Hi Gang, thanks for the shape help, but now that I've created my shape, how do I save it as the shape (weather it be round, square, heart or a star without the white square background? I'm wanting to place the shape (button/brad) into another project (a card), everything I do to save is giving me a white background square.
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              Right Click what you made and Save as PNG File (Towards bottom). Save it to one of your files so you can find it. Bring it back in a Element and you can change sizes.


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                I still must be doing something wrong, it's only saving the original shape and none of the elements that I put on the shape. I'll keep trying though, thank you


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                  LOL... OOOOO I did the same thing until I learnt this

                  When you decorate a shape you make You must select all objects, then right click and Group them, then right click and save as PNG file.

                  Easy group Tech - Click hold on side either side of your objects and drag mouse across it should select them all so you don't have to do each one

                  I didn't understand you have a "Cluster" of items.... This should fix you up