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  • Loading Kits Bought Outside SBM

    I discovered through someone that if you purchase scrapbook kits outside of SBM that you cannot put them into the SBM program. Is this correct?

    I have bought some and didn't know how to get them into SBM if it were possible. Can you tell me how to do it if it is possible?

    If it's not possible then where is the best place to save them to in order to access them easier when they are needed? I am not a computer guru so what I would like to find out is a place to have them located without having to click 4 or 5 times to get to the destination. Maybe this is the way it has to be but I was just wondering.

    What I do like about kit purchases from SBM is that the elements are all in one folder. The papers all in one folder, etc. Whereas the recent kits I have purchased outside of SBM is that maybe two sets of alpha's are in one folder, elements in another folder, more elements in yet another folder. I hate that and you don't know what's in the folder you are opening until it's opened. Then if that's not the alpha's or elements from that kit that you are wanting then you have to go backwards several times to look into another folder. A lot of time is spent searching for specific elements when you can't see them like you can in the SBM program.

    I hope I'm making sense to you because I am really hoping for an easier route to put my outside purchases into.

    Thank you again for your help

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    Hi FG there definitely is a way you can load kit as into the sbm software!

    First what you would do though is with the particular kit you want too put in is to put all your elements in one folder and all you BG papers in another one, so you have them all in one spot each.

    Keep all your details in another one like preview page terms of use etc, it's always handy to keep these. I always get rid of the zip as well, just takes up extra space on your computer.

    Now to transfer them into max, open up documents, gallery, BG papers and copy and paste into their, then go back and do the same with the embellishments, now it should be in max software. However I don't believe you will have a preview picture, just a name.

    As for the original, perhaps it is then best to remove this from your hard drive onto an external hard drive, to keep all original files safe and backed up in case of a computer crash. I back up all my files once a month, as I would hate to lose any not my extensive array of kits.

    I did all this from memory, so hope it works!
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      What I do with kits that are not SBM kits is this:
      I creat a folder (mine is in my picture folder) in that folder each designer has a folder, so I can give credits to the designer when I make a page. I save each kit in its own folder inside designers folder by the name of kit.
      When you open SBM program, also open what ever file has the kit you want to use. Click and hold the item you want to use and drag it onto the SBM work space. SBM will ask how you want to use it.

      Try it, fast and easy


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        Ok, I guess I got a bit confused from the two responses.

        Here's what I have done so far:

        I created a folder inside "My Pictures". I titled it by the author. Then, I opened up the folder of the author that I just created and inside that folder created sub folders, each one with it's on title of "elements, alphas, and BG".

        I opened up SBM and it comes up to the page that asks me what I want to do, "Open a Saved Book or Create a New Scrapbook". So, I opened a "Saved Book". I tried to drag the folder from "My Pictures" that I created here onto the work space. It wont let me drag the folder there. I'm missing something in your instructions because I tried to drag the folder onto my workspace.

        So sorry I'm such a "numb skull" about this but I am very happy to know that at least this is possible for me to do and not have to go to so much trouble like before, that is once I fully understand how to get this folder into SBM.

        Thank you again for your help.



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          Now to transfer them into max, open up documents, gallery, BG papers and copy and paste into their, then go back and do the same with the embellishments, now it should be in max software. However I don't believe you will have a preview picture, just a name.

          I did all this from memory, so hope it works![/QUOTE]

          This is where I'm confused. I did as Kimmyann stated and created folders inside of "My Pictures". I have everything pertaining to each kit designated into it's own folder, ie. "elements, alphas, papers, frames," etc. But, I don't exactly understand how to move these individual folders into the SBM program itself. When you mentioned, "documents" are you talking about on my computer itself or are you talking about SBM program. I didn't see anything saying "documents" in SBM.

          All my folders are now inside "My Pictures" so how would I move each folder into SBM? Can you tell me step by step? Again, I am soooo very sorry that I'm not getting it. But, I was able to do what Kimmyann mentioned and that was pretty easy.

          Thank you


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            Ok FG, now you have created folders for each thing, elements, alphas BG's etc now you need:
            1. to click onto our start button (bottom left hand corner of computer
            2. Find documents and click
            3. Scroll down until you see Scrapbook Max 2.0 double click on that
            4. Double click on Gallery
            5. Double click on images
            6. Double click on Backgrounds
            7. Now in another window open up on your computer where your files are you want to transfer to max program and drag the BG papers into step 6
            8. Repeat steps for the embellishment folders

            Make sure max is closed during this process, then open max up and they will be in max software!

            Hope that helps


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              I've been using Max for about 7 years now and have never loaded my files into the software if I can avoid it as I literally have hundreds of kits and it would take the software forever to load them all.

              It takes 3 easy steps:

              Click "add an embellishment"
              Click "browse" - when you find the folder that you want
              Double click on the paper/embellishment of your choice

              that's it .. the element you chose will show and you just click OK

              if it isn't in the scrapbook it didn't happen!


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                I too don't want to add too much to my SBM program....

                I was giving you directions to keep none SBM files out and explaining how easy it was to use them in the SBM program. I have Hundreds of kits, so It would take SBM forever to load if I have them all in SBM

                (I sometimes copy and paste my published files into another folder, because it will slow everything down too much)

                Sorry if I confused you... the directions I gave was NOT to load them in SBM, it was to keep them organized and tell you how to use them in the program.


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                  The Drag and Drop method is probably the easiest way of using "external" kits :-)
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                    Loading them all into Scrapbookmax will slow down the program. It is better to drag and drop.


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                      Thank You!!

                      Thank you so much. All of your help is wonderful and I so appreciate it. I'm glad to know about the slow down of the SBM program by adding too much into it.

                      I think I will just keep them where they are in "My Pictures". Easy to get to. I only have a few kits in my SBM program right now, probably 10 that I have purchased. I have only recently bought outside SBM and only a few kits.

                      Thank you again for your help and the great advice. I would be lost without each of you.



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                        Well hopefully it did help you FG, come and do some challenges, this is a great way to meet some nice people and also stretch your imagination and learn new techniques, we would all love to see yuou join!


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                          what Saviscrap said - there are some great challenges and everyone is so welcoming when you join in

                          if it isn't in the scrapbook it didn't happen!


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                            Janice, another good point about the challenges is you will learn more about you SBM program We chat about tips and Technics sometimes.... Join in, I promise I learnt a lot doing the challenges when I first started..... I also Drove Granny, Fiona, Michelle, Donna Thomas and Sue crazy with questions trying to learn all the stuff they were doing!


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                              Yes, I think I am still finding new discoveries in the software that make life easier when scrapping, the challenges definately improve things.