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Windows Xp abandonment and the effect on Scrapbbook Max

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  • Windows Xp abandonment and the effect on Scrapbbook Max

    For those of us who were forced to change to Windows 8.1 (any upgrade) due to Windows Xp being abandoned by Microsoft- what do we do about our Scrapbook Max program? Do we have to buy a new one and will we lose all of our previous projects?

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    Wow! Xp was abandoned? Do you not have the CD for max? I can't answer this question, sorry but I am sure Karin knows the answer.

    Whatever you need to do to get max back on your computer comes with the stipulation you need to do all challenges for June hehehe


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      It works with Windows 8. Do you still have your disk?


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        Scrapbook MAX! works with Windows 8.

        By default, your projects are stored under My Documents > Scrapbook MAX! 2.0 > Projects. You can copy your Projects folders to an external source (like a memory key or CD-R) and then paste them into the same location when you reinstall the software.

        If you don't have your software CD or didn't save the file you downloaded from your download instructions in order to reinstall, you can contact Cleverbridge to request new download instructions.

        When you contact Cleverbridge with your request, be sure to include your:

        Full Name
        Billing Address
        Phone Number
        Email Address
        Order number
        Date of purchase

        If you don't have all of the above information (i.e., you've lost your order number), be sure to give as much information about your order as possible.

        Cleverbridge's contact information is listed here: