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    Princess Crafts pages are beautiful. I know that because I have been a member there for two years.

    However, what I love about Scrapbook Max! templates is that I can move things around and even copy them to a second page. I almost always make two coordinating pages in my scrapbooks. I want everything that you see at once to blend together. I often rotate or flip the background so it matches, but is slightly different. One layer templates usually do not lend themselves to this, especially with any words. There were some Fall Quick Pages with the SBMax! embellishments, and I was able to make a small book by rotating and/or flipping the images and putting pictures behind them.

    By utilizing the images that come with the templates I can make a series of coordinated pages.

    Another wonderful thing about Scrapbook Max! is how it can adjust the size of the background and even asks if you want it to readjust the embellishments to go with the new size. One layer templates usually cannot do that, because the embellishments will become out of proportion. I have made several of the templates that were not square into square pages using this size feature, and they turn out well.

    Also, when the separate background image is included in the templates, I can import it as an embellishment in order to put things behind it. For example, the Back to School page 1 template that I recently downloaded would not let me put a picture behind the apple opening when it was a background, but using it as an embellishment allowed me to put my pictures behind it and they looked so much better. (The apple shape that came in front of the background to put the picture in just didn't match the shape well enough there, but I could use it elsewhere.)

    These are some of the reasons that I have been using Scrapbook Max! templates so much. If we want one layer templates Princess Crafts has hundreds of beautiful pages, but they are not adjustable enough for me.

    The templates that Steve makes at iiRe Productions are so much better. Not only are they designed outstandingly, but you then have everything you need for several pages, instead of just one. For example, I used the free Cinco de Mayo Demo template to make two pages about our cruise to Mexico. With the full kit there is enough material to make a scrapbook of all three places we stopped in Mexico.

    If the Princess Crafts templates only include one layer and no moveable embellishments and frames, I will not be buying them. They need to make the embellishments and frames separate from the background.

    What do other people think?

    Leaf Roberts

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    From PrincessCrafts

    Hi Leaf,

    Thought that I would let you know that we have an elements site at: that has only frames, elements and embellishements in Hi-Res PNG format. You should also have access to our Clipart area from your Members Home page that comes standard with all our annual memberships. You can log into your Members Home page through any of your members areas or direct at:

    We are also coming out with a Kit site in November, so stay tuned for that one.

    Scrapbook Max is being tested with our templates at this time and we will soon be offering our sites in the Scrapbook Max template format. But, we don't plan on making them all multi layered. Copyright laws and commercial art policies don't allow for many of them to be able to be in seperate pieces.

    PrincessCrafts and it's associated 9 sites (currently) are primarily meant for the quick build beginners to intermediate scrappers that don't have a lot of time to spare. We will continue to focus most of our efforts in that area.

    Let us know if you have any other questions... Kathy and I are always here to help all we can. Call anytime.

    Happy Scrappin'
    Wes and Kathy

    See our new Scrapbook Max store area at: Kathy's SBM Store