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How do I save my SBM on back up cd

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  • How do I save my SBM on back up cd

    I had to reset my SBM-thankfully was able to get a re set from the company-but now I'm trying to figure out how to save ( back up) my file. I am using Windows8.1 and I have NO idea how to make a back up disc. Does anyone know?? Thanks

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    Hi daisydilly!

    You can copy the file that your download from your download instructions to a memory key or to a cd-r. When/if you want to reinstall, you would just copy the file from the external source to your desktop, and double-click on it to run the installer.

    Does that help? Please let me know if I've answered your question!



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      Weeeell not really. . I have no idea where anything is on this new windows 8.1. I seriously thought I had saved my SBM on cd-r ( from other computer) but it would not work. Are we talking the original download??


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        Hi there!

        Yes, I was talking about the file that you originally downloaded from your instructions. If you need a new link to try again, please email me at support [at] scrapbookmax [dot] com - please include your order number or invoice. Thanks!


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          You know what is funny . If I go in on my flash ( where I saved my original SBM) I can open and edit from that flash--in the SBM program ( am I making sense???) I found this to be a bit odd. However these do not/will not show up as part of my saved scrapbooks. ( projects) Until I learn this new Windows I'm just throwing my hands in the air and taking what I can . Thanks for the help