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  • The Happiest Place

    Does anyone know of a kit or template called The Happiest Place? I had seen it on here last year but cannot find it now. I believe it was black, red, white, yellow colors and would be great to use with "Disney" themed pages. Or any other suggestions on kits to use with Mickey Mouse, Disney, etc. would be greatly appreciated.

    Thank you so much!


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    There is a kit is the store called 'Happy days' could that be what you where thinking of?


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      I had written down "the Happiest Place" but I will check out "Happy Days". Thank you for your reply.


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        Here are a couple of kits by Just So Scrappy. They are black and white, but you can use Scrapbook Max's color tool to change the colors to your needs. Hope this helps!

        and a carnival/fair kit from Moonbeam

        and a princess kit by Just So Scrappy

        and an amusement rides one from Crafty Scraps

        and a carnival one by Kirsten Smit
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          Thank you...Love to have any suggestions!!


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            You are more than welcome dmb67! Welcome to the Scrapbook Max forum!!! Come and join us for the monthly challenges. July's challenges should be set up soon.


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              Thanks! I don't think I am up for any challenges. I am pretty basic, don't have a lot of time to work on the things I want to work on, and I don't even know what I am doing. Pretty much just winging it on here! ;o) But still having fun!!


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                dmb67 We all started by winging it

                We can all Help you figure it out! Trust me I bugged people when I started, but they were very nice, understanding, and explained things to me. We have a great group of folks around SBM.

                The challenges help to teach you the program and tricks of the Hobby


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                  Thanks, Kimmyann! I may take you up on a challenge sometime!!


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                    Good Deal!! Can't wait to See you


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                      question on templates

                      The templates that are for 8x8 pages...can those be resized and used for 12X12 or will they not be clear?