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Missing Papers in my kits!

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  • Missing Papers in my kits!

    I was just about to scrap some bath time pics of my Grandson and I cant find the papers that were included in the kit (Babies Bath) I purchased. Everything else seems to be there but not papers. Ive searched in embellishments as well as paper scraps tab and cant locate them anywhere. What to do?? I don't want to buy more kits of paper scraps if these are just hiding somewhere. As I was searching I noticed a lot of the papers that were supposed to be included aren't showing up either. Am I overlooking these somewhere or what???

    Thanks Bunches...

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    Snap!!!!! X x x x hugs x x x x


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      Double click work space and a box will appear, click background images, the scroll to find backgrounds


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        Still cant find the papers

        I clicked the work space and scrolled but Im not seeing anything new. Its the same papers there as when I click from the menu above. Why would these papers not load when I first dl the kit? Im missing so much of so many kits. Where else could they be? Ive even clicked BROWSE and nothing new there either.


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          Please check under Page - settings. From there, click on background images and then select. Background papers are often located there. Hope that helps!


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            okay finally, yes they were there. I still don't understand why they aren't included with the others when you first dl the kit! Just inconvienent to have to go to such lengths to find them. But thankful that I can locate them now. Thanks bunches.


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              Hi Marsha,

              I'm glad you found the items!

              Just so you know, the items in .smb files (Scrapbook MAX! kits) are all there when you first download them. However, designers are able to categorize the kind of element they are including in their kits by type. That allows the kit's items to be automatically imported to the correct location in Scrapbook MAX!. So, a kit might have embellishments and paper scraps, in which case you'll find the embellishments under Object > Embellishment and the paper scraps under Object > Paper Scraps. When Background Papers are included, they are found under Page > Settings, then choose Background Image and Select to add the image as a background.

              Hope that helps explain why .smb kits work the way they do (i.e., to complement the categories of element-types already in the software.)

              Enjoy your kits!