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    First, I would like to thank the members who have taken the time to create regular monthly challenges for us to keep us active in the forum. You Rock!!!

    This next question is for the members of Scrapbook Max. How many of you know the Scrapbook Max software inside and out? I for one, do not know all the bells and whistles of this wonderful software.

    I would like to see regular monthly challenges from our members who are utilizing all of the software's potential. I would like to become proficient in using this software. Any member, including designer, can host a challenge using a software technique. Is anyone up for the challenge?

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    I am not able to host a challenge at this time but I did want to show what I have been working on with my SBM software
    My sister and I are in the process of planning an "Ancestry Party" I will be using SBM for most of our displays. We will have these "Family Tree Cards" printed at Shutterfly. I'll try to pop in and show you ladies what I am working on.


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      This is awesome Letha!! Thank you for sharing your project. This will give members and guests ideas with using the software.


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        I might be interested. Could you outline the basics of what one has to do to host? Several ideas for themes popped into my head - along with a wish for a list of all the features, lol. I know I am so woefully ignorant to many of them.


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          Hi Mylinnofeq. Thank you for your interest. I thought we could maybe get this started in March. I am sure there are many Scrapbook Max software users that would appreciate these challenges. It would get them using the software in different ways. I am sure there are software users out there that would like to step out of their comfort zone.

          For hosting a challenge you would just need to post a new challenge in the Challenges and Contests thread. I believe Karin, the forum moderator, has given permission to members to create a new post. If this is not the case, please PM Karin so she can open the challenge part of the forum.

          Think of a software technique and create a challenge for it. When you post, describe in the thread what you want members to accomplish using the software, and then post an example of it if you can.


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            While I have been a member for ages, I am still quite new. The several years spent wandering into computer games and other hobbies didn't help, lol. So, I'm all kinds of newbie!

            Kimmyann has a great tech challenge this month and I can't think of a software focused challenge that wouldn't step on her toes. What about I take a different tack? Maybe offer the Miner's Challenge. As in, mining the forums for gold. I looked back through the forums and there are loads of treasures, ideas and great scrapping there. As a newbie, learning myself, I could re-present an old challenge. Other new folks could learn along with me, helping each other. Old masters of Scrapbook Max would hopefully play along, too. Because they can demonstrate where one can take what we are learning. Also, they would be the ones who knew the answer if us new folks got stuck, lol.

            I would keep it software related. Possibly even link in other previous threads with helpful info, etc. What say you all?
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              LOL... Don't worry about stepping on my toes!! Its All About Educating People on the Power of SBM

              I just like to try to help people learn SBM, because it is the easiest, has the most tools, and you can get a better finished product than in other programs I have tried.

              Trust me when I first found SBM I had Granny, Donna, Sue, Fiona, Carena, Michelle, Marion, Eye, and KNZUS that answered my questions all the time!!


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                Sounds like a challenge Mylinnofeq!! I posted this thread hoping that other members would join us in sharing their knowledge of the software.


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                  Ok ladies how dose this all work now I can't find anything


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                    Hey Fonzzy!! There is not a gallery any more. You have your own gallery... people can click on your name to look at your pages.

                    Hope all is well with you.