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  • Booster Packs??

    On the page to purchase SBM (on the left hand side) it says something about Booster Packs:

    "Of course, Scrapbook MAX! already comes with an excellent selection of templates, themes, and embellishments. But, we all want more! Booster Packs open up whole new creative possibilities. And they’re an excellent value too!"

    How do we get these Booster Packs?


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    Not 100% sure I'm right...

    I think when SBM says booster packs, that they mean two things:

    1. Users post embellisments and templates that you can download into SBM;

    2. On the latest monthly newsletter, there was a link to download extra stuff. I downloaded it but haven't gone into SBM to look at it as my program isn't working well, so I'm not sure what was in it.

    I do think the advertising is misleading when they say Booster Packs are available. That implies that SBM is continually providing new items, when in reality, the ones who've paid for the program are the ones providing the items.

    Perhaps there is something for Booster Packs that I haven't found on this website. If so, I'm sure someone will point us in the right direction.

    Happy Scrapbooking!



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      I think there is a scrapbook max store in the making, and eventually that link will lead to somewhere, but for the time being I believe all the booster pack item mentioned are in the sharing section.



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        The booster pack store is definitely coming soon! Keep watching!
        Scrapbook MAX! 2.0 is here!. It's simply better digital scrapbooking software!