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Help!! Keeping it all Together!!

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  • Help!! Keeping it all Together!!

    Greetings from Australia!!! A question from a novice!! Can anyone advise when creating LOs if it is possible to keep together a tag and it's title, for instance, as one entity. Then when editing your LO or simply moving it about the tag and the writing can be moved as one single unit, rather than moving them in parts. Hope this makes sense. Thanks for listening Scrapbook Maxers! Kind Regards Petra

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    You must use the 'group tool' For example, selects the tag, and with Shift + click, marks also the writing (or simply click and passes mouse over which you want to group) and then click 'group'

    I hope helps you. my English is not very good, I hope you can understand it.


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      Grouping elements together helps so much - as Liyie wrote - you (I use "control" key) click on an item and then the others - then I go to Edit and click on Group. I probably do it the long way, but it works! I have found that it's easier if I click on the elements in order - last added to first. Again, I probably do everything the long or strange way!! LOL


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        Once items are grouped (tag with tie, or journaling with journaling box, etc.) you can move or rotate them together. It is very helpful. However, so far in SBMax you cannot resize a group. You have to ungroup them to resize, or to copy or make any changes, such as adjust color.

        The shortcut to group items is Control-G and to ungroup is Control-Shift-G.



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          Help!! Keeping it all Together!!

          A big thankyou for your kindness and clear instructions. It's great to be in an environment where asking a question doesn't seem so silly! Kind Regards Petra


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            Thankyou soooo much for hearing my plea!! What a difference it makes!! Kind Regards Petra