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  • Need Help!!!!

    I created several scrapbooks using this program and now due to several computer problems, I need to re-format my hard drive. Do I NEED to save all the associated files (pictures I had) that I used to make my scrapbooks, or if I just save the .smt files of my scrapbooks, will that be sufficient allowing me to still edit my templates and when I open the smt file, will all my pictures show up???

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    Help will be coming

    Oh, that sounds so frustrating! I just wanted you to know that there are some really good computer people in the forum and help will be coming. I'm definitely not a computer person but my instinct would be to save all my pictures and digital supplies along with the scrapbook pages you created. Hopefully, someone will weigh in on this before long - hang in there!


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      I agree, to be on the safe side, safe everything you used. Better safe then sorry!

      Hope you get your computer straightened out. Mine was down for awhile and it drove me nuts!



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        When you add an element to your scrapbook, a copy of it is placed in My Documents \ Scrapbook MAX! \ Projects \ [PROJECT NAME HERE]

        That ensures that Scrapbook MAX! is never working with an original file.

        If you back up your My Documents \ Scrapbook MAX! folder, you'll have a backup of all your projects (and source files), as well as templates you downloaded, and your published projects.