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  • Frustrated

    I am so frustrated, my husband keeps picking up bugs on the puter & then he re-formats the computer & i Keep losing my scraps this is the third time, i have learned to save my scraps but what do i do if i have a work in progress is there someway i can back up my work on a disc, so that if it happens again i can just put it back on & keep working. by publishing my work it is not possible to remove items that are not needed, i have been working on a family tree & i have had to start it 3 times now.
    I Hope i am making it clear as to what i mean, i know what i want just don't know how to do it or if it is possible.
    Any help from anybody would be most welcome.

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    I'd kick your husband off *your* computer. Short of that ...

    In your My Documents folder, you should see a folder called 'Scrapbook MAX!'. Inside there, you'll see:
    • Projects
    • Published Files
    • Templates

    Those folders each contain exactly what they describe. Back those up, and you should be good to go!



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      Another suggestion from a computer geek... Download a good software firewall program like Zone Alarm and good anti-spyware software like Spyboy Search & Destroy... both have free versions

      Install and run those and don't let you husband play with you computer no more!
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        Thanks for your help Guy's,
        Unfortunatly it is his computer & i can't kick him off, but i have put in my christmas wish, that i want my own computer.
        I managed to back up my files so i should not loose anything else i hope. thanks again.