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    Im guessing this is redundant, but on the software package it says "thousands of pre-designed templates". I have counted 36 on mine and at least 5 of them I downloaded from here??? What am I missing?

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    Hi, and welcome to the forum!

    You need to install the whatchamacallit pack that comes in the cd. It has tons of extra stuff. Also, the real extras can be found here in the forum. There are many talented and generous souls here that share their creations, and you can find them in the templates and embellishments forums. You can even do a search for particular themes.

    Hope this helps. I know some of the real gurus here will jump in shortly with better info. Meanwhile......



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      Thank you for your reply, I already had the content pack installed, didnt notice much there? Im obviously not with it, ugh, I just want to make some nice murals of my twins they just turned 1 so Im starting a new wall in the house, I tthought the pics would look nicer in this "scrapbook" fashion, hopefully I can grasp the concept! LOL


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        I didn't realiseI had a content pack to install at first and had downloaded so much from here that I couldn't tell what was in it! I discovered later that the templates had several pages. They have tabs at the top, have you found that? I had a problem with the other content and queried it as I have an empty folder called smb embellishments and thought there must be content missing. Scrabook Max said that folder wasn't with it so they wondered if I'd made it. If I did I wish I'd tell myself how because I would be proud that I had even if it is empty! I still have it. I get so much wonderful stuff on here that I don't mind if anything is missing. I know you can view the template content but I don't think you can the rest.
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