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PLEASE HELP!!!!!!!!!!(on knees begging!)

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  • PLEASE HELP!!!!!!!!!!(on knees begging!)

    Hi there
    The last three days I have tried to do a layout in SBM, & I have lost my grey pop up box that lets you select ,photos,embies,paper scrap,background,tiled background etc. If I drag & drop or click on an object it immediately goes to the page without givng me the choice of what I want it to do,so for eg, the background is small like a photo would be-is there something I have done that has removed it, or something I can click on to bring it back,I am totally lost without it.
    Also I tried to update thinking that might be the answer but I have the latest version,.
    I Hope someone can help me soon, as I am getting withdrawals,thanks in advance

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    Just a suggestion

    I dont know what the problem might be but sometimes if I have a program that goes wacky I just go to add and remove programs and uninstall the program..reboot the computer and then install again..that usually puts everything back in place..maybe this will help..
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      Thanks Jazziel for the suggestion, I will leave that for the last resort as I would have to get all the updates again & it would be a huge file which takes 4 ever to download so will put that off until I see if anyone has another suggestion, I do appreciate your input , thanks again.


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        I'm wondering if by accident you clicked on the "don't ask me this anymore" box.

        Unfortunately, I've no idea how to bring it back Hopefully someone can answer this for you!


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          Help still needed!-please.

          Thanks Jezza, I have no idea how I could have done that ,but not saying it wasnt possible,does anyone know if i put the cd content over the top of this version will it keep everything i have?(except maybe updates) ? or will it ask me to uninstall first, which I realy dont want to do *sigh* I miss my SBM!
          Or better still,.anyone know how to get the grey box back,please please!


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            I think I may have your answer!

            On the top toolbar, click on "Edit", then click on "Preferences". A box will pop up and on the right half you will see a header called "Environment". If it doesn't say Environment, choose this word from the left half of the box.

            At the bottom right of the box, you will see a section called "Drag and Drop". There is a check box that says "Automatically create object (don't ask)". I think that in your situation you probably have a check in this box.

            UNCHECK THIS BOX. I think this will solve your problem.

            Good Luck!



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              Yep, Kristy, that's it... good detective work.
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                Yippee! Got my Grey Box Back,Thank You !

                Kristy, & Steve
                I cannot thank you enough, thanks for the easy to follow instructions, I have my grey box back, (excited,can't you tell) ,I am goiing to write those instructions down & keep it safe, I have no idea how that happened, must have been one of my programs maybe that changed it, but without you I would never have looked there!
                Thanks to all who gave me your input, was truly appreciated!
                hugs, Karyn.
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