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I got my CD! Quick question?

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  • I got my CD! Quick question?

    Oh, my goodness, I am soo excited! This program is awesome! I am going to have soo much fun and what a great way to create some great memories for years to come.

    I have a quick question for someone and it is basic but I want to make sure I did everything correctly.

    I put my CD in to install. The first button is to install Scrapbook Max. I originally had the trial, then I had deleted the trial so I could install the beginner software and mini content pack from the email after I purchased it. So can I skip over this button? Everything should be installed, right?

    I of course then installed the content pack. Wow, so much more goodies. I am overjoyed with the unlimited possibilities I can do. I am just starting out scrapbooking and am soo glad I decided to go with digital rather than traditional. Although, the only thing is as I am going to start putting my s baby books together now, I have some things that I can't put on the computer so will have to do a little the paper way. Please can I have your opinion. Do you think it would look ok to have an album with digital and paper scrapbook pages?

    So that would be it, right?

    So simple.

    I really am in shock. I just love this and so many options. Really, I have my first daughters baby book done thru a year but I have found that I would like to go back and add pages and that is hard to do as I would have to tape/staple a page in between other pages in a regular book. Won't look good and with scrapbooking, just add a page protector and wammo put your page in there and done.

    Again, Thanks so much for everyone writing your thoughts/tips/ideas in these forums. I have read thru the whole discussion forums and have learned so much. This is great! God bless all of you and thanks for sharing. Keep up the great suggestions, etc.

    Again, thanks and have fun scrapbooking.

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    Sherri, Your going to have tons of fun! I have incorporated both into my scrapping and it looks great. I can't stop doing paper scrapping as I put so much money into all the stuff I got. And I fell in love with digital, cause there is soooo much out there, So I do both! you'll find ways to incorporate too it's not that hard and it's sometimes challenging. But thats what makes all of our books so unique. Have fun and I can't wait to see some of your layouts.

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      Never!!!!!! How did Sherry get hers? Man, I'm loosing control here....


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