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  • Printing problem

    I just bought Scrapbook Max last week and had a chance to work with it this weekend. It was easy to work with as far as page setup goes, but when I went to print it, it doesn't print. My printer says it is printing but it runs three pages through without printing anything. Then my printer says the "Printing complete", but there is nothing printed on the paper. Has anyone else had this problem? My printer works fine with everything else, but the program is pretty useless if it won't print.

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    No, sorry, I haven't had this problem. It prints nicely for me!


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      Hello Dave,

      Have you tried publishing your scrapbooks to images, and then printing them in another program (such as Windows Picture / Fax viewer, or Photoshop)?

      Give that a try.



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        Howdy! Just wondering how to print these templates to an 8x10 or 8x11, mine printed out into a 5x7? Thanks


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          We're actually making this a whole lot easier in the next couple of weeks, which will be a free upgrade to anyone who owns the current version. There will be options in the print dialog to choose what size your prints come out at.

          As for how to do it right now and print your pictures larger than their actual size, assuming you're using Windows XP:
          1. Publish your scrapbook to image files
          2. Open the published JPEG image files in Windows Picture/Fax Viewer
          3. Print them -- somewhere in the print wizard you'll be given an option to print a full-sized photo, 8x10, etc. Just choose the size that you want.