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I Don't Believe it!!

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  • I Don't Believe it!!

    How do you eat an elephant? answer 100g at atime..and thats what we've been doing - choking on it mostly but we did it .. at last!!!!!!!!!!
    Our New store is Open

    so proudly announcing DIGITAL SCRAPBOOK COUNTRY -

    We never planned the opening to be same time as Max .. we intended toopen a long time agao but there was so much hard work to be done getting the site ready ...BUT! now Ladybug has opened the doors and as a super opening special we have prices that will floor you - honestly!!! so before they return to normal check it out!
    I can't believe this after months and months of hard work it is finally done...

    Hugs from Ladybug Granny and Moonbeam

  • #2's awesome.I've just got to warn my credit card!
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      This is wonderful, my pc is so slow, and I want to shop soooo fast , I have to go to my sons hospital appt now so I am sulking because I can't start now but I'll be back, with my credit card number and here I will be for quite a while I think lol
      Thanks for a gr8 shop