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    hi there when i went to view stuff i just registered and that allows you also to buy

    but i did not have to register just too look
    some awesome stuff too.

    have fun


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      Memories, I am not sure what you mean, but you already bought the program I would think you just fill info on address and how you will be paying. At the girls site you sighn up and fill informatinon on how you will pay ,and address. Does that help you any or am I in left field


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        Try this for Booby Bears,


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          This is for store


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            Memory..when you get to the scrapbook max page (1st one) on the left you see on one of those and it will take you to the products for sale..on down the list on the left you will see designers and their on the name and their work will come up..hope this helps you.. Linda
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              Yes even though i had bought it i had to register with the store too. I just used the same screen name and password i used when i registered and they pulled up my info.


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                Granny is listed as Esther. Bobby Bear is not listed yet.
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                  There are four separate stores....

                  Booster Packs at the top of this page will talke you to the Scrapbook Max official store.

                  There Steve's store and Bobby's store, which links are above.

                  And there is Moonbeam, Ladybug and my store, which is here:

                  When anyone visits our store, and you're bying for use with SBM, you need to go to the section "All Scrapbook Max items". The downloads from this section are smbs and smts.

                  Thank you for shopping at Levit's, ops, I mean, all of the stores!


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