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HELP I can't email or burn my scrapbooks....

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  • HELP I can't email or burn my scrapbooks....

    I can't seem to email or burn my scrapbooks to cd or dvd-r for my family and friends to watch on tv? PLEASE HELP........Thats the only reason I purchased this product!!!!!! HELP>>>>>

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    You might have to give a bit more information. What is the problem? What error messages are you getting?


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      Problems w/scrapbooking...

      It lets me email them but then i go to the persons email address I sent them to ( like to my husbands email) and it want show the slideshow or photos! It doesnt open anything it just says you've been sent a scrapbook from Rhonda and it has the info.


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        I believe that is how the email function is supposed to work, rhondaking1974. Scrapbook MAX! opens up an email and completes the subject and body of the message for you (of course if you like you can delete the message and put down whatever you want). Then Scrapbook MAX! attaches your scrapbook pages for you. The end user will have to click on the attachments to see them.

        Without more details the best advice I can offer would be to read Chapter 6 of the User's Guide. It covers both of these topics in detail.