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  • Need help with PSP X

    I have downloaded some great alphabets and embellishments from a website, but they are on one sheet like stickers. Can anyone help me to figure out how to crop (or whatever you do in PSP) and then transfer to SBM?

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    basically wat i do is is copy the whole lot, paste as new layer crop a letter, then do the process again until uve finished. Thats the only way i know how to do it at the moment, i use PSP all the time.


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      I had a thought now wheither it works you will have to try and see. As you do your layout try bringing the whole thing on your page then go up to tool bar and crop. I bet you could crop it and have your letter done fast. Now i have not tried this but it is an after thought that may work.Let me know.
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        FYI you can also crop letters in Scrapbook MAX!. Use the Effects > Crop feature.


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          I didn't know that!
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            Hi Chris... If the alphas are on layers in PSP, the click on the little eye of each letter, leaving only one eye open. Use the PNG Optimizer under Export. Then go back and click on that eye to close it, and click on a close one to open it and repeat the process. Do this for each letter. Whenever a layer has the eye closed (red x over it) it will not show up when exporting.

            If you need more info, let me know. Either that or go to our watering hole, "Dry Springs" and have a stiff drink. That always helps.


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              Originally posted by Sandy View Post
              FYI you can also crop letters in Scrapbook MAX!. Use the Effects > Crop feature.
              That's what I ALWAYS do. Doesn't take long....