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How do I make border in SBM??

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  • How do I make border in SBM??

    Recently, I bought SBM but I've yet to try it until now. I was sending my LO for printing and it's always cut part of my LO when I viewed it before printing it.

    My question is:

    How can I put a border around my LO as a guideline for me so that I know where I should stop?

    P.S. oh!! I've tried other Scrapbook software too and by far SBM handles importing of pictures great without distorting it. The only thing that I would like to see are more accents and embellishments come with the software but this is just a minor thing anyway.

    I hope someone here would assist me on how I can make a border as a guide on my LO.


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    If you 'double-click' your template page & change the colour of the solid background this will then give you a basis to arrange all your embellishments on and you can leave sufficient room around the edge to act as a border!!

    Hope i've explained this OK for you.

    ALSO ~~ if you do a 'search' in the embellishments section of SBM you'll find 1000s of them for free download.

    OR, just ask and i'm sure you'll receive. EVERYONE is so, so helpful on this site.

    Good luck & enjoy.