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How do i make a scrap kit???

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  • How do i make a scrap kit???

    I would like to make a scrapkit but have no idea how too.
    What programs do i need. where can i get them etc

    please please will someone help.


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    I think you mean photoshop or elements that those techie people use. If you look on the adobe site you can download free trials of photoshop and elements.Just do a search and you'll get the link for adobe. You will find tutorials as well. I have a scrapbook one for photoshop from scrapgirls. I haven't started to use it really though!
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      First you have to learn to use a graphics program like Adobe Photo Shop ..Paint Shop Pro..there are many of them out there..then you have to learn to make your own back ground papers, all your elements, alphabets everything that goes into your kit has to be hand made by you..Im working on how to make one myself..there is a lot to learn...thats about all the help I can give you..Im sure you will learn it all and be able to make a just takes time, knowledge and patience..
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