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  • Fantastic!

    Hi there!

    The new version of scrapbook max is awesome! I love the new content, especially how the embellishments and papers and stuff coordinate! I've been "mixing and matching" and coming up with some pretty nice LOs (I think ), and you just can't go wrong if you stick with a single kit for an album - everything looks so pretty together- can't wait to post some of the new stuff in the gallery!

    I have to say that one of the best things is the printing. I've printed out some 8 x 8s on photo paper at best quality - and it really looks beautiful! I trimmed the white parts of the paper off, and popped them into an 8 x 8 album. Very sharp and crisp images - looks like you can actually "feel" the buttons, ribbons, crumpled paper, etc. if you touch them.

    really nice job, everyone! This one's a winner!


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    I agree with Karin... The program is terrific. What really blows me away is the compression of the images. I exported an album to jpgs, and when I when to look at the pictures I could not believe the quality. Amazing! But, no, wait, that it's not the most amazing part; the truly amazing part is the compression. Way under 200kbs per image. That is unbelivable. Not even PSP gets that kind of compression. This will do absolute wonders for my slide shows.

    Thank you so much!


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      Yep, the team aced this one. A toast! [clink]
      Scrapbook MAX! is the fun and easy digital scrapbooking software for Windows. Download a free trial version at .


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        question about new version?

        Hi there
        I read there was a new version so opened up my program
        & clicked on *update*,it added a couple of small additions then when finished a new sign came up that there is a new version available & I had to give my ID number to Indigo Rose(hope thats correct) & they would send link to new version.
        1- did i actually get the new version from the update button ?
        I think not as you are saying things are so different & I havent noticed anything different at this stage.

        2- Will the new version be added to existing program as I have dial up & cannot imagine being permitted to download another version lasting over 4 hours, I was lucky to get the first one without being cut off half way through download.
        Thank you for your help,its always appreciated


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          Hi Kazr,

          We sent out an email the other day to everyone who owned the software with instructions on how to download the latest version (check your spam box or email us with your order number or serial number and we'll send it again). Also, we're mailing you out the software on CD-ROM at no charge. That's right - as a thank you to everyone who supported us and purchased during the "beta" period, we're footing the bill on mailing you the software CD-ROM. It'll be about 2-3 weeks before they're back from the factory, and another week or two for the mail to get to you, but it's coming! So, if you don't want to download, no worrys - you're going to get it in the mail!

          Check out some of the great new high resolution templates that are now included in Scrapbook MAX! -

          There are also thousands of new embellishments, backgrounds, paper scraps, photo shapes and more included! We even threw in 20 complete digital kits from some of the world's most talented digital scrapbooking artists (that alone is an over $100 value!).
          Scrapbook MAX! 2.0 is here!. It's simply better digital scrapbooking software!


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            I did not recieve that email & checked the spam box,nothing there either, will wait for the cd version to arrive in the mail,I am thrilled to bits that its available on cd & look forward to its arrival .
            I will email you also, as a back up but prefer not to download just yet as its a huge file & will keep it as a last resort.
            Do you have all our addresses, I really cant remember if I provided mine ,is there a way to check that ?
            Thanks again for your help in this matter


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              Please ignore the part above about the addresses, I found my printout with all my information to you, silly me, the old grey cells arn't what they used to be,sorry for that slip of memory