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How can I print 12x12 at home

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  • How can I print 12x12 at home

    I have tried printing the 12x12 page size but it's printing 8x8. I've changed the size of the page to 12x12 in the specific scrapbook, and also under File > Print Setup > Page Scaling. I even thought maybe going bigger (13x13) and fool the printer. Still prints 8x8. How is anyone printing 12x12 at home without a border? I'm trying to scrapbook photos for gifts and my time is running out. Help please!

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    I'm probably the least able to help with techie stuff, but you may need to program your printer and work with its menu rather than with SBM!s menu. Go to your printer setup menu and look for printout sizes there.

    Hope this might help.


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      First of all, you do have a printer that prints larger than 8.5x11, don't you?
      What size paper are you printing on? Does your printer print borderless?

      Are your scrapbooks created 12x12 or 8x8?


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        What kind of printer are you using?


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          Are you printing directly from SBM or from a .jpg file created when "publishing"?
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            response to not able to print 12x12

            Thank you for your suggestions but I'm still printing 8x8 when it should be 12x12.
            Here's the answers to the questions the group asked.
            - I have a printer capable of printing up to 13x17- an HP Deskjet 1000c
            - I'm trying to print on 12x12 paper
            - I've changed the page size in the sbm scrapbook to 12x12
            - I've gone into the printer controls and changed the paper size to the largest available- 13x17 and it still prints 8x8
            - I'm printing directly from SBM and haven't changed the format, only the page size.
            At this point I'm only using SBM to send pages via email and secondly, printing portions of pages with tags, embellishments etc to paper scrap.
            There must be someone out there who is successfully printing 12x12 at home. Again, thank you for the suggestions (and questions) but I had tried a number of things before asking the group. Well, at least the emails look great and I guess I'm a hybrid scrapper at this point. Thanks for the suggestions.


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              Under the page settings for the page what resolution is set?
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                I print with a HP printer capable of printing 12x12. a HP9600. But I print out at 10.5x10.5 because the only true picture paper I can find comes in 11 x 17. So I trim to 11x11. I print that size and then put on a white 12x12 background. Pages come out great. I set the page size to 10.5x10.5 in SBM and the printer is set to custom size 11x11 which leaves a small margin which I trim off. I tried the epson mat paper in 12x12 but it is not nearly as nice as the true photopaper and it is much cheaper. Epson wants $19.95 for 10 pages. Office Max regularly runs a 2 for 1 sale at $29.95 for 20 pages, so that gives me a total of 40 pages for $29.95



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                  printing problems continued

                  Poppa Bob, the resolution is at 200 pixles/inches. Marion, so glad to hear some one is printing at 12x12 sucessfully. My husband has uninstalled the printer and installed it again thinking maybe something was missing in the programing.
                  At this point, I'm printing at 8.5 x11 for the backgrounds, titles and embelllishments and then using that in paper scrapping. The pictures I wa given for the Christmas gifts are not digital. it's a work around but I can still utilize the graphics in SBM. Thank you for your suggestions. The printer is scheduled to go to the shop on Monday and maybe they can find some reason for not printing 12x12.


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                    The reason I ask is that in my case I print from the published jpg's. What happens to me is that I have the pages set up in SBM as 200 PPI(pixels per inch) and 8 X 8. In other words a resolution of 1600x1600. When the files are published by SBM they are saved as 300 DPI(dots per inch). That equates to a smaller size when printing (1600 divided by 300 = 5.33 x 5.33 inches). I have to change them to 200 DPI to get them to print at the right size.

                    Hope you get it ironed out soon.
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