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Thankyou to you all

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  • Thankyou to you all

    I just wanted to give a general thanks to all of you wonderfully charitable people for sharing. It is certainly heartwarming to know that people are willing to share what they have to complete strangers and ask for nothing in return.
    I don't think that enough people say "Thanks" enough...didn't want to become one of!!!!!!

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    My sentiments EXACTIMUM..............
    This site is so, so giving giving giving
    and I keep taking taking taking

    ThankYou everyone for your generosity.


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      Ditto Scrappydoo and Mary Mh51

      So many givers and a whole lot of takers..These givers have made my life soooo much easier! A part of each of them is in our family album!! THanks
      good people scrappers!!


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        I'd like to add my thanks, too. This is such a wonderful, caring, fun-loving, generous bunch of people that I enjoy very much. I spend many hours on this site and really enjoy it. Those that have the talent to make embies, templates, etc. share with the rest of us and help us make our scrapping better and more fun. In no time at all, I feel close to all these special people.
        It's like one big happy family! Each and every one is special....even those that are slightly "nuts"! What would we do without you! You keep us smiling!


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          I would love to be a giver but haven't got the talent or the knowledge ! I don't know what I'd do without all the generosity on here. It is appreciated so much.
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            For once, I agree with you nuts! We have a great bunch here, and I would also thank every one for being so generous and helpfull. It's a joy to be a part of a nice bunch of nu... scrappers!


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