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Combining scrapbooks????

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  • Combining scrapbooks????

    So when I bought this program, I immediately jumped in without really reading the users' guide (DUH)... and I created a ton of individual scrapbooks. Now I realize that what I really wanted to do was make ONE scrapbook with lots of pages. How do I move those individual scrapbooks into pages of ONE book... or CAN I do this??? I can't burn the individual books onto a CD to take it to print out... so I'm sort of frustrated!!!


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    Combining Scrapbooks...

    1. Create a new blank scrapbook...

    2. Select "Page", then "Add Page" ... You should see the "Select A Theme" dialog with a thumbnail image of each page from each scrapbook... Choose the thumbanil of the page you want to add...

    3 .Give Your new page a name ,then click "OK".
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      For my previously saved and published albums, (before I figured out what I was doing) I went about it the same way. They are stored in "my documents" in a folder called "Scrapbookmax" under "published". I also took the blank page and imported them with the "add picture" function. Then I named that album " my combined albums" and that worked very well for me. From there I can do as you mentioned above and add pages. Live and learn!


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        Whatever works the best for you!
        Visit my aisle in the SBM store!
        My buddies are Granny, Moonbeam and Wolvsie35!


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          THANK YOU... this worked great!


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            I'm new here. Just found SM last night and am trying the trial version. Looks like I may be buying it. Was just wondering if this is the way you move one page from a scrapbook into a different scrapbook. When I click to open and new scrapbook I don't see the pages I have created, but I thought that may be because I am using the trial version. I am also assuming that the banner on the saved file will disappear when I purchase.
            And while I'm at it, is there a way to edit the drop shadow?


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              Being able to create scrap "books" instead of just scrap "pages" is really one of the best things about Scrapbook MAX!. Pretty much all of the other software out there calling itself "scrapbooking software" is nothing more than rebranded image editors. Scrapbook MAX! lets you tell a whole story!

              If by chance you've created a scrapbook with pages that you'd like to use in other scrapbooks that you make, the easiest way to do it is to export it as a template. Simply open up your scrapbook, then go to File > Export Template. Give it a name and click OK.

              Now, create a new scrapbook and choose Page > Add. Scroll through the pages, and you'll see the ones from the template you just made!

              It's as simple as that!

              BTW - Yes, when you purchase the watermark does not appear. Simply open up your scrapbook project and re-publish. Voila! It's gone.

              As for the drop shadow, double-click your object and you'll see an option to turn the shadow on or off.
              Scrapbook MAX! 2.0 is here!. It's simply better digital scrapbooking software!


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                Thanks very much for the quick reply. I have been trying out another "scrapbooking" program for over a year and haven't been able to bring myself to purchase it because I just couldn't justify it. Everything it does I can do in PSPX. I really like building a whole scrapbook together. I know I will have alot of questions, but I am reading all I can, and I have watched the videos.
                Thanks again.


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                  Questions are good. We're always happy to help.
                  Scrapbook MAX! is the fun and easy digital scrapbooking software for Windows. Download a free trial version at .