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    Has anyone applied music to their project??
    What format do you use???

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    Yes!!Loaded St. Elmo's fire to an album using MP3

    The songs loaded on my computer were the source I used when I went into
    SBM to choose some songs to add to the album I made for my daughter "Flames" album. It was easy with the music window in SBM. I don't think they would load anything that was not compatible. It identified acceptable list. MP3 format. It worked GREAT!! Added Louis Armstrong's What a Wonderful World later. I have MusicBox. Yahoo has free music download program to store MP3's. Hope that helps you..I'm wondering if we can get music to our GAllery Albums here on SBM???? Don't know how to do that.


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      Thanks for that AutisticWonder..........
      It'll give it a go. I did add an MP3 track but it didn't play in my scrapbook. Does it play while working in SBM or only after publishing.

      ALSO, what media do you use to play back on DVD player???

      I feel such a NUMPTY here............


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        Hi there!

        Music will only play once you've published your scrapbook (i.e. made a slideshow or other format viewable on a computer or tv). YOu can however press the "play" button in the dialog where you add music in SBM to listen to your tracks.

        To read more about adding music, you can always go to Help > Scrapbook MAX! User's Guide in SBM - music is discussed at the end of Chapter 3.

        You can also read the user's guide online at (once again, go to Chapter 3)

        Have fun!



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          Many, Many Thanks............